Nearpod is a fantastic teaching & learning tool that does what it says it will do. I have tried and tested this app and it is just amazing! You can create interactive & engaging presentations, deliver it through any device and assess learning of topics whilst making sure your pupils are fully engaged in their learning. I highly recommend this app and you should try it with your pupils to see the difference it will make to your lesson.

There are two parts to Nearpod. One is the free iPad app that you can download from the app store (on iOS, Android & Windows). Using the app teachers can run their presentations and pupils can access these presentations live on any device mobile or a PC. The other part is the web content tool. This is a website where you can create, upload (existing ones), modify, and manage your presentations so that you can later run them through the app in your lessons.

I found this easy to follow explanation of what nearpod can do online here: 

You should also check out the various guides on their website to see the real potential of this amazing tool! Click on the image below.

Click on the image to see various Nearpod Guides