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Senior iChampions Blog: EAL Toolkit: A resource for all teachers to support EAL learners - Kate Elliot

EAL Toolkit - Kate Elliot, EAL

This is a guest post on behalf of Kate Elliot. Kate is passionate about making sure that all our EAL learners are well supported in lessons. Remember, that even in your own lessons you can easily support our EAL pupils by using some of these simple strategies. 

Kate has provided all teachers with this PowerPoint below full of simple teaching strategies (originally produced by and credits to: Mike Gershon who is an independent consultant and author for TES) that you can use in your classrooms to support our EAL learners. Kate also ran a couple of lunchtime INSET's for all teachers and you should find some of the ideas/strategies discussed in these sessions here: T:\Senior School\ESOL\Strategies and activities to support EAL learners.

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