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Senior iChampions Blog: Trend #3 - BYOD to BYOT including 'Wearables'

It’s not a question of ‘if’ anymore, but “when and how quickly"? Many schools have adapted or are starting to adapt and tap into the potentials of using mobile & wearable technologies and the flexible options that come with it in it's use in the classroom to support and enhance pupil learning. The focus now, and rightly so, is on the ‘learning’ and the ‘impact on pupil progress’ rather than the technology itself or on the teaching administration. Schools (and teachers) who haven’t yet explored this option will soon be left behind and may find it difficult to ‘adapt’ to their learners who live in a world where technology, digital skills and social media are ‘disrupting’ everything around them. Our pupils are constantly interacting with huge amounts of data, information and knowledge on the internet using their mobile devices, apps and other technologies including ‘wearables’. Google has already reinvented cars as ‘autonomous’ vehicles; Amazon is already delivering their parcels using drones; 3D printing is already disrupting manufacturing, and there are young entrepreneurs all over the world who are the so called ‘disruptive innovators’, inventing new ways of delivering education for a fraction of the cost of the current market leaders, using apps and other mobile/wearable technologies, thus providing alternative low cost means of accessing the information and analytics, rather than reinventing the wheel. 

Senior iChampions Blog: Apple technology to support students who use scribes - Lizzie Chadwick

Dictation on Macs, iPads & iPhones

Dictation software is built in to all Apple technology. Students who use scribes in exams will benefit greatly from using dictation software to complete longer pieces of written work. It will also allow them to become confident using a scribe and for dictation to become their normal way of working. The more practise they get, the better they will become at structuring their work as working memory load will be reduced and more thought power can go into content rather than worrying about how to dictate.

How to use dictation on Macs: 

Senior iChampions Blog: Robofest 2016

Do you want a fun and creative way of introducing young minds to Robotics and Computing? Here is a great opportunity!

Wycliffe ROBOFEST 2016 will introduce children to the world of Robotics and Computing. During the fun filled sessions they will be exposed to some of the most innovative uses of technology in the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to program robots, collaborate in Minecraft, develop online games and program their own Lego creations.

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